Naked Labs enters the fitness tech fray…

What if your reflection in the mirror could tell you to get your lazy butt back to the gym? We have the technology.

A San Francisco startup called Naked Labs began taking preorders for its 3-D body scanning system today.

CEO and co-founder Farhad Farahbakhshian says the company’s Naked 3D Fitness Tracker was designed for individuals or families who want to measure their progress on physical fitness goals, over time, with objective data.

An electrical engineer and former spin class instructor, Farahbakhshian observed that many people who are overweight don’t see themselves as such, and people who have eating disorders like anorexia nervosa or hypergymnasia view themselves as healthy when they don’t have enough fat on their bodies.

“Eyes do an amazing job of focusing on problem areas. You get into body dysmorphia if you’re not careful. And it’s hard to stay motivated. This shows people their real progress, or the ‘naked’ truth,” he said.

The device is comprised of an internet connected, full-length mirror that plugs into a normal outlet, and awirelessly rechargeable scale that also rotates like a turntable to get users a smooth scan.naked_labs_lifestyle

The Naked mobile app displays body scans as grayscale, 3D images. The precise, realistic illustration of a user’s body appears along with data about it in the app, including how different areas are improving or declining over time.

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